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1930 American Ford Roadster

What more could you want from a wedding car, this stunning 1930's Roadster Convertible is full of history and nostalgia and is the perfect way to travel to and from your wedding.

The classic American Ford Roadster Convertible.

With the top down and two striking colours available this car will compliment any bride, the style is reminiscent of an age when romance ruled and the car has seen many high profile engagements.

The car design features wire spoke wheels that are still in perfect condition and in original chrome, the Roadster features graceful lines through the running boards and the mud guards, and with the hood down there truly is a sense of the romantic thirties. On the special day with the car dressed in ribbons and with the sun shining, the car lends itself to compliment wedding photo's, in deep red the Roadster especially highlights the bride and her dress whilst the stunning white is a traditional English wedding colour.

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