This stunning Rolls Royce Limousine is the perfect wedding car, it features five seats and is blue and black in colour, this is very much an original classic car for hire. Features such as the huge headlights, large interior and easy access with running boards make this a memorable car for your wedding and is also a great addition to wedding picture and albums.


The founder of Rolls Royce was Charles Rolls, he was born at 35 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London his family was wealthy and they had many properties and a large asset base. The London properties derived rents of £46,000 per annum and in addition there were large estates in Monmouthshire, South Wales. His father, John Allan Rolls, was a Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff of the County and later became Baron Llangattoch of the Hendre in August l892.

Charles Rolls went to Paris in 1896 and with his father's money bought a 3 3/4 hp Peugeot Phaeton - this is reputedly the first ever car based at Cambridge. Charles Rolls soon earned the nicknames of "Dirty Rolls" and "Petrolls" because of his "hands on" approach. He graduated in January 1898 and gained a Class II Ordinary Bachelor of Arts degree by Special Examination in Mechanism and Applied Science, Charles Rolls also further gained a Master of Arts in 1902.

One of his first accolades was to win a 1000 mile reliability test and he went on to set a land speed record of 93 mph in 1903. he went on to partner Royce and interests was divided between the production of cars and engines for the Aero industry. Sadly in 1910 Rolls was to die because of his association with flight and he was the first Briton to die in an aviation accident.

In the following years Henry Royce, known as "The Mechanic", was to take the company forward to produce memorable and timeless classic luxury cars such as the 1931 Rolls Royce Limousine.

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