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1931 PRE WAR TAXIS Wedding Car Hire

We have a range of pre war taxis available for you wedding car hire, this example features a deep red colour and has five seats. The cars are timeless classics and feature drop down hoods and running boards.

Classic 1931 PRE WAR TAXIS.

The classic 1931's taxis were predominantly Austin and Beardmore, in fact the first Austin cab was presented to the Public Carriage Office in 1906 and although rejected its successor (with a number of modifications) was accepted. Originally built in Glasgow, Scotland, the Beardsmore taxi division was bought out by its management and they moved taxi production from Scotland to the London service depot at Hendon. The Mark IV appeared from this site in 1934, powered by a 14 HP Commer engine

These taxis were familiar sites in London and other major cities in the 1931, the cars were very reliable for the era and that made them ideal for the job. These vintage taxis are authentic and fully restored, the cars make truly memorable photographs and are all the more special for having that London connection.

Many of us will have ancestors that traveled in these cars through the busy streets of pre war London, special features are the tinted side glass and split panel windscreen and of course for those sunny wedding days the fold down hood.


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